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My Story

Artist Biography - My name is Raymond Hakemulder, the face behind Masqart. My creative journey began in my early years, driven by an insatiable desire to understand and create. After obtaining my media bachelor's degree, I decided to embark on a world tour for a few years. To acquaint myself with all the scents, flavors, and cultures the world has to offer. 

As a "traveler," you truly detach from the world. There are no social or societal obligations. You don't have to worry about yesterday or next week. You live in the present, entirely as you are or want to be. Nothing is obligatory; everything is possible. The masks come off. 

I wanted to capture this experience, so I began as an artist visualizing the metaphorical mask. The artworks I create now are a result of this. Eye-catchers that provoke the viewer to contemplate. 

My artworks are more than just physical objects; they are a mirror that invites people to reflect on their own masks, the roles they play in life, and what lies behind the façade they present to the world. I want my art to encourage people to be more authentic, to embrace their true selves, and to be honest about their emotions and desires.

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